Tyler the Creator X Coachella 2024 Merch Shirt

...If this shirt were a movie, I directed it.

Character sculpts by Rich Zim & Phoebe Jane Hart.

Trolli // Very Berry Scarecrow + Muscle Beach

Stop-motion insta-spots for Trolli
Agency Wieden & Kennedy
Production company Open the Portal

Director Julian Petschek
Birds Rich Zim
Producer Jason Milov
DP Mathew Hazelrig
Sound Barrett Slagle
Thanks Amber Padgett, Quique, and Max
Director Julian Petschek
Producer Jason Milov
Fabrication assistant Ming-Huei Huang
Music Barrett Slagle


Squirt // Squirt Anthem

Stop-motion music video for Squirt detailing the original Paloma recipe.  
Agency Deutsch
Production Company Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Written by Katrina Recto & Julian Petschek
Beat by Coleman Zurkowski
Vocals Katrina Recto and Jacob Gibson
Director of Photography Cooper James
Storyboards Evan Borja
Puppet Fabrication Julia Rosner
Art Director Alexis Preston
Art Department Amber Padgett & Ambar Navarro
Animation Cean Aubrey & Mellissa Shepherd
Produced by Jessica Campbell & Leigh Kelly

The One Show - Moving Image Craft Award for Writing for a commercial 2020

Butter Ya’Self

A banana and a hotdog bun are famous.

Directed / animated / produced by Julian Petschek.  Music by Julian Petschek.  Song written by Julian Petschek & Katrina Recto.  Nana Splits vocals by Jacob Gibson.

Runner up for The Nelvana GRAND PRIZE for Best Short Animation OIAF 2014

OIAF 2014
SXSW 2015
Slamdance 2015
New Chitose 2015
Devour! 2015
Fancy Film Fest 2015
Important Film Fest 2015
Festival de Film de Lux 2015
Uhke Filmifestival 2015
festival du film de fantaisie 2015
Luxusní Filmový Festival 2015
Hadena Eigamatsuri Fest 2015
Festival Di Animazione Di Fantasia 2015

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